Upper Lake Merritt

Oakland, CA
Description Credits/Info

The City of Oakland, CA has established the ambitious target of generating 10,000 new housing units in and around the downtown core. BAR has designed a project that will help to contribute to that goal: the Upper Lake Merritt project. This high-rise development will provide 281 new condominium units, approximately 12,000 gsf of neighborhood-oriented retail and parking to serve the project as well as adjacent offices. Located near Lake Merritt, the project encompasses almost a full city block between Valdez, Webster and 23rd Streets and includes a variety of building and unit types to serve a highly diverse market.

The contemporary, 22-story tower will provide a range of one- and two-bedroom flats and spacious penthouse-level townhouses. The main resident entry point is provided through a small garden court and spacious lobby along 23rd Street, providing access to the tower units as well as the courtyard space. Street front retail will animate the remaining length of 23rd Street.

A 5 story wing along Valdez Street contains 2-story townhouses with flats above. The townhouse entry stoops provide townhouse residents direct access to their unit from the sidewalk, helping to activating the street and establishing a scale and rhythm that continues up the façade.

The outdoor garden courtyard space, located on the third floor above the structured parking, provides access to freestanding courtyard townhouse units. These inward-facing units are accessed through small private gardens and screen the courtyard from an adjacent parking garage to the north. The courtyard also contains the outdoor swimming pool and provides direct access to the athletic facility and lounge room.