Oak Shore Homes

Corte Madera, CA
Description Credits/Info

The homes of Oak Shore are designed as a highly sustainable, contemporary evolution of the “Bay Area Regional Architecture”. This broadly defined and distinctive style was pioneered by local architects during the post WWII era as a direct response to the San Francisco Bay Area’s pleasant Mediterranean climate, and expressed desire for buildings that supported a modern, casual and comfortable life style. The architecture celebrates form expressive of function and a strong connection to the outdoors, with expansive floor-to-ceiling glazing and “outdoor rooms” to fully embrace the temperate climate.

Simple in form, with flat or low-sloped roofs and deep shading overhangs, the Oak Shore homes build on the Bay Regionalism desire to replace individual rooms with flowing spaces, integrating multiple use areas. Dramatic and abundant natural daylight highlights clean interior lines. Machined components are contrasted against unrefined natural materials which are warm and inviting; weathered wood, rough cut stone and exposed concrete contrast against smooth plaster walls and radiantly heated terrazzo floors. The surrounding exterior areas are landscaped with native, low water-use plants, pervious paving, and natural bio-swales which capture and hold rainwater to recharge the natural water table.