Candlestick Point Blocks 6A & 8A

San Francisco, CA
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Candlestick Point, the previous site of the legendary Candlestick Park, is being redeveloped as an urban, mixed-use neighborhood with approximately 2,000 residential units and 1 million sf of retail and community facilities. BAR is responsible for two catalyst buildings, Parcel’s 6A and 8A, which are part of the first phase build out. Located at the heart of the master plan and fronting on the development’s primary urban space, Wedge Park, these two unique parcels will share a corner with the main cultural and retail hub. This prime location provides opportunity for the buildings to relate to the scale of the large urban space and adjacent cultural facilities, and provides residences with bay views from multiple frontages.

With public-ways on all four sides, the buildings are designed to provide active uses along each frontage. Double height neighborhood serving retail fronts Wedge Park, with 5 stories of condominiums above . Paralleling the park, and to the project’s rear, is a 40-ft wide pedestrian way which is activated with 3-story walk-up townhomes. Main lobby and amenity spaces face the two remaining frontages, providing a direct sidewalk route to parklands along the Bay shore.

Initially conceived as “The Twins,” these two buildings share a materials palette and kit of parts. 6A is expressed with a strong vertical cadence, relating to the towers which will eventually be its neighbors. 8A contrasts this rhythm by establishing a horizontal expression, relating to the urban open space and providing a counter to the adjacent design.