Broadway Valdez

Oakland, CA
Description Credits/Info

This new mixed use development occupies 1.07 acres of city block in the heart of the revitalized Broadway Valdez District, historically known as Auto Row. The plan features two independent buildings that straddle Broadway, Oakland’s “Main Street”, and aims to continue establishing the district as a vibrant, sustainable area where people can shop, play, live, and work.

Of the two buildings, the smaller West Building provides 5 floors of apartments over ground floor retail space and a basement garage. The East Building will operate as the community hub, housing a unique leasing lounge and café experience for both residents and the public. The building creates a unique dialogue with the adjacent neighborhood, with design elements and materials that reference existing historic buildings, while providing a clean modern design. Both buildings are through-block, which creates three relationships to space: Public, private and transitional. Each elevation was developed with a specific language that relates to the space it interacts with using scale, order, playfulness and materiality.

The buildings offer ample amenities including a gym, kitchen lounges and a shared café/resident lounge shared with the public. Outdoor spaces offer a variety of experiences including a Sculpture Garden, Zen Garden, Reading Court, Outdoor kitchen and View Decks on the roofs. Elegant interiors recall elements of the roaring 20’s and 30’s, when the neighborhood blossomed. A local artist has been hired to add story telling elements on the façade of the buildings.