Blanken Mixed-Use

San Francisco, CA
Description Credits/Info

This 205-unit mixed-use community is planned to be adjacent to the Schlage Lock development in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood. The design includes a mix of apartments and townhomes, residential amenities, a pre-school and outdoor spaces including balconies, stoops and a rooftop terrace.

With frontage on the Schlage Lock development to the west and the Caltrain right-of-way to the east, this atypical site also fronts a narrow street and offers a unique shape for a residential mixed-use building. These site constraints required thoughtful and distinctive architectural solutions.

The resulting design incorporates a glass sound wall and perforated Corten steel “baffles” to mitigate noise from the commuter trains that run adjacent to the site. Corten baffles are angled to allow oblique views up and down the tracks, while providing general shading and privacy to the east. On the west façade, which faces neighboring residential developments, the Corten baffles are deployed in the form of “San Francisco bays”, similarly angling views at oblique angles and creating non-perpendicular sight lines to the neighboring buildings.