99 Rausch

San Francisco, CA
Project Info Credits

Building on the unique character of the Rausch Street neighborhood, BAR has designed a vibrant and active mixed-use development consisting of multifamily residential buildings and neighborhood serving retail.

The development includes 112 units at a height of six stories along Folsom and four stories along the Rausch frontage, where the design utilizes a rhythm of smaller scaled units that are contextual to the charming nature of the existing environment. The building features garden stoop entrances, enhanced landscaping and trees to activate the sidewalk experience. Bay windows will also reduce the scale along Rausch and provide southern light and views to the residents.

A clearly defined retail base enhances the pedestrian experience by lowering the façade’s scale and provide richness with stone material and storefront variety. Housing above retail is appropriately scaled with large windows and brick material, reminiscent of several brick buildings along Folsom Street. The corner of Folsom and Rausch is accentuated by a lighter structure with expansive windows to create a sense of openness and to maximize views.

One level of underground parking is also accessed from Rausch Street. Proposed sidewalk bulb-outs at Folsom and Rausch, public bicycle parking, and enhanced landscaping at street level will all help activate the experience along Folsom.

99 Rausch