901 16th Street

San Francisco, CA
Description Credits/Info

Redefining an underutilized site at the intersection of 16th and Mississippi Streets, this mixed-use project includes five residential stories over ground floor retail and subterranean parking. Playing off the neighborhood’s vitality, the building is broken down into a series of distinct forms each bestowing a specific design response to the neighborhood context they face. Large expanses of glass and strategically located outdoor amenity spaces stitch the forms into an urban community.

The northern façade, facing the historic Showplace Square neighborhood, re-imagines the industrial past with a brick fin wall, large openings, and a tall ground floor retail space reminiscent of the historic scale. The southern façade, facing Potrero Hill, reinterprets the traditional San Francisco bay window with a playful combination of projecting living spaces and balconies.

The retail frontage has been designed to accommodate multiple tenants including possible neighborhood restaurants with outdoor dining. Large pedestrian promenades, open to the public, are fronted by units with stoops activating the open-space.

Currently in entitlements, the project team has led an extensive neighborhood listening tour, engaging the community in presentations and discussions about architecture, mixed-use development, and the neighborhood.