Milpitas Landmark Towers

Milpitas, CA
Description Credits/Info

Landmark Towers, a 23-story mixed-used development in Milpitas, CA, is located on the northern edge of Silicon Valley. 444 units of luxury condominium living is provided in two high-rise towers over a podium with retail, office, owner amenities and parking. The towers are oriented to the south and offset from one another to allow for maximum sunlight and unobstructed views. South facing towers are sited prominently along the 880 freeway and offer views of the surrounding hills and of San Jose in the distance to the south.

Angular undulating glass and projecting floors on the south side of the towers create wavelike patterns across the façades. Recesses between the angles become balconies, and the overhanging floors shade the glass. On the north side, balconies are located at the points where the glass changes direction, reinforcing the folding form of the façade.

The project’s ground level is occupied by retail spaces facing the street, with separate access to a gym and an office/conference center. Separate residential entries are provided with double height lobbies. Penthouse units are served exclusively by their own elevator in a separate lobby. The podium roof is extensively landscaped and includes a swimming pool and gym access. Tower roofs are also landscaped and include swimming pools for exclusive use by residents.