Alameda Point Parcel 11

Alameda, CA
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As one of the first major new buildings constructed at Alameda Point since the departure of the U.S Navy from Alameda Point almost 20 years ago, Block 11 is located at the very heart of the Site A Development Plan and Alameda Point Waterfront Town Center planning area. This new transit-oriented mixed-use community fronts onto the Seaplane Lagoon and the new Waterfront Park where it will provide a transition between the urban fabric of Alameda Point and the natural environment of the Seaplane Lagoon and the San Francisco Bay.

Block 11 fronts onto the adjacent Historic District where it will provide an architectural transition between the Historic District to the west and the non-historic portions of Alameda Point and Site A to the east. The Block 11 architectural design shares architectural elements, materials and colors that reflect and respect, without replicating, the “Art Moderne” architectural style of the most important contributing buildings in the Historic District.

Block 11 will include 200 residential units, 25,000 sf of on-site ground floor commercial retail space, and a variety of residential amenities including 4,500 sf of interior community and recreational facilities, two residential lobbies accessed through a street-facing garden, secure storage of 240 bicycles with contiguous space for bicycle maintenance and repair, a lap pool and roof top garden with views to the Bay and San Francisco beyond.