South Shore Center

Alameda, CA
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The South Shore Center is an opportunity to integrate a variety of higher density housing typologies and office into a transformed destination retail center focused on lifestyle based food and beverage, boutique retail and services.

The South Shore Center (SSC) project is an opportunity to proactively transform a prototypical auto-centric 1958 Shopping Center into a vibrant, waterfront, lifestyle based, mixed-use development. As brick and mortar destination retail continues to contract, Jamestown seeks to strategically retreat from underperforming retail spaces and parking fields into a mixed-use community including a re-focused retail offering, housing and office development.

The current site plan focuses the retail experience on the internal pedestrian “main street”, and the opportunity to link the retail experience to Shoreline Boulevard, the Bay and the greater community is lost. The proposed Master Plan introduces modest new commercial space closer to Shoreline and connects the “beach” through the retail to an “urban park” deeper in the site. New mixed-use housing, assisted living, office and a renovated shopping core constitute the updated project program. This transformation is made possible by selective demolition of existing retail pad buildings and associated parking fields.

The proposed development contemplates four distinct “neighborhoods” within the 50-acre site, each with a unique scale, program and architectural character. Overall, the project will provide up to 1,215 dwelling units, 238 assisted living units, 9,300 sf of daycare, 113,000 sf of office and 390,000 sf of retail.