Santa Clara H.E.R.O.

Santa Clara, California
Description Credits/Info

The HERO project creates a spectacular gateway to a new “city within a city” at the edge of the new 49er’s stadium in Santa Clara. Containing hotels, entertainment, retail and office (HERO) uses, the project is the front door to the excitement of professional football.

With an ultimate build out of two hotels, 150,000 gsf of signature restaurant and retail, as well as 255,000 gsf of premium office space, the project creates a much needed town center in Silicon Valley. Careful design of vehicular traffic and 1700 parking spaces allows a pedestrian environment to emerge out of the car dominated South San Francisco Bay. At the same time, the office spaces anchor the development, bracketing the town center with signature entries facing the new city to the north.

Formed around the concept that the project is the “bleachers to watch the action”, all retail and restaurant tenants face the monumental structure of Levi’s stadium. With a series of restaurant terraces facing the game day pedestrian plaza, complemented by verdant monumental seating platforms, the architecture becomes inhabited by sports fans as well as the general public. Because the project is located on a busy arterial, “HERO walk” gradually rises above the traffic forming a gateway to the mixed-use development planned for the future. 

Peppered with people spaces and pause points, the outdoor environment of the HERO project uses the latest audio visual technology to line the street, creating an extension of the action within the stadium or beyond to the larger world of sports. Capped by a destination cinema and the Joe Montana signature restaurant, the HERO project is the vibrant heart of Silicon Valley.