Gunbarrel Center

Boulder, CO
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Gunbarrel Center is a new mixed-use community development at the heart of Boulder, Colorado’s Gunbarrel neighborhood. The 9.27 acre development will create a viable, easily accessible, pedestrian-oriented retail town center of appropriate scale to serve the Gunbarrel sub-community, outlying subdivisions and employment centers.

BAR’s plan will create 251 highly desirable dwelling units and approximately 25,000 sf of new retail and commercial space in addition to a new park and central community hub. It will also provide a commercial center with a unique identity that is the heart of social and cultural activity in the area and supports day and evening activities seven days a week.

The site plan fully incorporates retail components with residential, and creates an uninterrupted pedestrian-friendly "Main Street" experience. The plan also allows for the residential areas to include detached sidewalks with landscaping on both sides of the walkways. Stoops and porches add to the opportunity for neighbor interactions and help create a true community space. At the end of Main Street, we have designed a large central park, including a children’s play structure and gathering area for the community.