Alameda Point

Alameda, CA
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The master plan developed for the 68 acre Alameda Point Site A for Alameda Point Partners (APP) consists of a revision to the master plan in the City of Alameda’s adopted Town Center Plan. The City’s Town Center Plan proposes to eliminate all the existing buildings within the Site A boundary to create a brand new mixed-use waterfront community. Although none of the existing buildings or infrastructure in Site A are designated as historic in the Naval Air Station survey, BAR led the APP team to design a mixed-use master plan that proposes retaining certain elements of the existing fabric to create a sense of place.

The new plan re-configures proposed street locations and alignments to ensure existing focal points, such as the Cypress tree and Jet in the East Entry circle, remain. By re-purposing a few existing buildings in strategic areas, the plan also enables a diverse commercial experience and mitigates the expanse of “new.” Retaining site features, such as the railroad tracks, assists in way finding and allows for more organic circulation while simultaneously acknowledging the history of the Base. Additionally, re-configuring the block disposition brings commercial activity closer to the waterfront.

The Team worked closely with the City and the community to create a public realm that is varied in open space offerings by creating different “park districts,” each of which has a unique character and program. Great care was taken to accommodate a variety of transportation modes while maintaining primacy for pedestrians. Together these elements will help create a Town Center that is uniquely Alameda Point.