One Henry Adams Interiors

San Francisco, CA

BAR Architects worked in collaboration with NC2 on the design of the interiors.

This new mixed-use development occupies a 1.65-acre city block in the heart of the historic Showplace Square neighborhood, at the head of Townsend Circle. The plan features two independent buildings separated by a publicly-accessible pedestrian alley (the “Mews”) that connects Henry Adams and Rhode Island Streets. Together the buildings comprise 241 apartments, residential amenity areas, and 8,900 sf of ground-floor commercial space. 

The project responds to San Francisco’s Eastern Neighborhood’s Plan which encourages a transition of the neighborhood from its industrial past to a more mixed use, neighborhood-serving character. The building design and choice of materials create a unique dialogue with the adjacent brick warehouses. The use of clean lines, classic proportions and the juxtaposition of metal, plaster and timber speak to the mingling of old and new urban forms that characterize the essence of the Showplace Square Neighborhood.