The Fountaingrove Club

Santa Rosa, CA
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The Fountaingrove Club was one of the many establishments tragically destroyed by the devastating Northern California fires of 2017. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of the club’s General Manager, Board of Directors and strong member commitment, the club is well on its way to recovery. BAR Architects was chosen as the architect for the rebuilding, helping the Fountaingrove community to re-envision the property’s master plan and design a new clubhouse that builds community and fosters inclusiveness.

Currently under construction, the Fountaingrove Club’s new clubhouse embraces the paradox of building a strong and vibrant community upon the devastation wrought by the fires. It aims to be where the dispersed nature of club amenities are brought together to foster interaction by all. Developed as a design-build collaboration, the clubhouse encourages use throughout the day by being both a home and flexible work place for members and their guests. It understands that respecting tradition and community means embracing families and welcoming users of diverse interests.

Rooted in the natural beauty of the site, the new clubhouse celebrates natural materials, the craft of building with expressive, but minimal detailing and outdoor space conceived as seamless extensions of indoor activities. It embraces wine country ease with understated elegance. Every detail has a purpose, but the open, expansive plan provides unlimited flexibility in creating shared experiences and lasting memories.

The Fountaingrove Club’s new clubhouse will be a contemporary expression of timeless ideas — that members seek a clubhouse that embraces today’s lifestyle, provides beautiful spaces for communal assemblies, encourages small and intimate gatherings and creates a spirit of community for all who enter.