Tengarra Point Lodge

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The Tengarra Point Lodge was designed to provide a unique QiGong-specific hospitality destination in a remote corner of West Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia. The Project Site affords exceptional view opportunities, natural geographic amenities and a spectacular climate for guest’s enjoyment. Together we endeavored to design the hippest, happiest, healthiest place in all of Indonesia.

The site is naturally divided by a river element which creates an opportunity to experientially reinforce the duality (yin and yang) of the guest experience. The primary program elements have been divided into a Longevity and Healing campus and a Hospitality campus; East and West, respectively. This duality is further reinforced through a unique deployment of architectural character. The Longevity and Healing Campus consists of organic forms while the Hospitality Campus consists of contemporary forms. These forms are deployed in a continuum and with a shared material palette in such a way that cohesively ties the overall project together as a whole.

Materials for all structures are primarily local stone, bamboo, stained concrete and local hardwood, vresulting in a palette both of the place and harmonious with the surroundings.