Starmont Winery

Napa, CA
Description Credits/Info

BAR Architects designed this 60,000 gsf production facility for Starmont Winery, the first large production winery built within Napa’s city limits. Designed to reflect the client’s desire for simple, rural building forms that blend into the agrarian landscape, the massing and materials were chosen to form a fitting gateway for visitors arriving to Napa Valley, the heart of California’s wine industry.

The facility incorporates many aspects of sustainable design practices. The extensive use of steel as both structure and exterior finish allows 85% of materials to come from recycled sources. Exterior landscaping utilizes low water usage plants and incorporates bioswales for collection and natural filtering of rainwater. The most visible aspect of sustainable design are the photovoltaic panels which cover approximately 90% of the south-facing roof surfaces. Through energy savings the client will recoup the cost of installation within 5 years—2 years earlier than originally projected.

The successful integration of these features into the building design has earned the product much recognition and accolades from sustainable wine industry groups. The production building was designed to function with a future hospitality/tasting room to be built to the east. Both are designed to work with other existing structures at the project entrance, using similar materials; white-washed wood, wood-siding, dry-stacked stone walls and metal roofing.