Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club

Menlo Park, CA
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The award-winning Sharon Heights Clubhouse was designed by BAR Architects to meet the private golf and country club memberships’ changing needs. The club’s membership facilities serve a wide range of uses, including multiple and large-scale events, with banquet room, private dining, bar and lounge, fitness rooms, locker rooms and pool.

After completion of the clubhouse, the club’s pool and fitness facilities became very popular. As a result and recognition of continued growth of families using these areas, the club decided to expand the pool area, fitness facilities and poolside dining, with a transition towards more family-oriented programming.

BAR’s design of this addition expanded the existing fitness facilities and added a new fitness pavilion for stamina-focused activities and classes. New full-service dining facilities serve as a family-oriented alternative to the clubhouse’s formal dining. An adjacent dining room can be used to expand the dining space or for hosting private meetings. A heated outdoor trellis area and fireplace connect the pool and dining facilities. Styling of the addition matches the exteriors of the clubhouse, seamlessly extending the original building while maintaining character and consistency. Inside the new facilities, remodeled interiors provide a distinctly crisp but more casual environment consistent with the area’s focus on family programming.