Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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For this project located at a highly visible intersection in a booming retail district in the heart of Playa Del Carmen, BAR envisioned two site plan options that created a dynamic pedestrian extension of the traditional street.

In Option 1, the street façade is crenellated with highly engaging architecture. Using the geological metaphor of an ocean swept cliff, the building terraces upward, facing the beach and Playa Del Carmen’s main attraction. On the ground floor, every retail shop fronts sun-filled plazas off 5th Avenue. Recalling the famous public landscape architecture of the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy, or the Ruby Red stairs in Time Square New York, grand terraces link the upper levels to the street, and are a destination for sun bathing, people watching and lingering. Restaurants enliven the grand stairs like a cliffside village, and the pool-side hotel bar with unparalleled views is a "not to be missed” visitor attraction.

In Option 2, the “Crevasse” is a continuous shopping and restaurant street, full of sparkle and life that works as a parallel street to 5th Avenue. Branded with high-end and intimate luxury shopping, visitors discover lush courtyards, undulating surfaces, and specialized cafés along the street level. Grand staircases lead to an upper restaurant level with verdant balconies and terraces overlooking 5th Avenue and the interior street. On the upper floor a boutique hotel crowns the project. With a public terrace bar and pool, the hotel becomes a hot night-time destination. At the same time the guest rooms are turned inward to the lush Crevasse with an intimate courtyard on the uppermost level. Designed as a modern oasis in the midst of a lively shopping area, the hotel is a respite with a contemporary flair.