New Tasting Room, Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley, OR
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BAR’s insertion of a new tasting room for this existing Willamette Valley production winery addressed two primary goals: anticipating and planning for potential long-term expansion of the winery’s production capacity and adding a visitor tasting room to provide an authentic, intimate experience for the winery’s by-appointment visitors. The remodel design also addresses current inadequacies and awkward production conditions within the existing winery and allows wine production and visitor activities to occur simultaneously yet without interfering.

A new tasting room addition with space for two groups of up to 10 people will provide views of the vineyard to the north and west, as well as views to fermentation and barrel storage areas within the winery. An outdoor tasting patio immediately adjacent to the tasting room will help convey the unique site terroir and important role the property has played in establishing Oregon’s premium wine market.