Qixianling Rainforest Resort

Hainan Island, China

This luxury destination resort includes 130/Key Hotel, 100 Villas, a 4000 s.m. Hot Springs Spa and other amenities. The hotel arrival courtyard is at a high point on the site looking out over the resort. The reception area leads to the Lobby and Bar Lounges that provide sweeping rainforest views. The pavilions are wrapped by a reflection pool, giving them the appearance that they are floating on water.

There are three dining venues; an all-day restaurant includes indoor, private, porch and terrace dining options; a remote Specialty “Bridge” Restaurant that spans a creek; and a”Dining-by-Design” alternative overlooking rice fields. Guest rooms and suites have been designed to reinforce the hot springs identity of the resort. Villas are located in three neighborhoods, have contemporary, open space plans, and predominantly covered outdoor lounging areas. Interiors are both casual and elegant - a contemporary Chinese and Southeast Asia influenced design