Pinnacles on Telo

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Pinnacles on Telo is a boutique water sports oriented destination in Indonesia and part of the Pegasus Lodges and Resorts portfolio. Located on an uninhabited fifty-acre island, Pinnacles offers eight stand-alone bespoke bungalows and a variety of common amenities including a main lodge, bar, pool, games room, hydroponic garden, marine facility and private beach. Activities include a full spa, yoga, cooking classes and various water sports such as surfing, fishing, SUPing, kayaking and snorkeling.

The design of the structures is based on re-imagining local building forms and construction techniques to balance privacy, comfort and engagement with the surrounding grounds and ocean. Each bungalow is situated with a unique ocean view in mind. Materials consist of local timber, concrete and standing-seam metal roofing for rainwater catchment. The roof forms and orientation of the bungalows allow natural light to filter into interior spaces in the mornings and evenings, yet provide shade during the hottest hours of the day. Bathrooms are en-suite and, while covered, are outside in the elements furthering the guest’s engagement with the site.

Importantly, the design also includes a variety of sustainability features. Produce for the kitchen is supplemented with an on-site hydroponic garden, and 100% of potable water is achieved through rainwater harvesting. The structures are designed to maximize natural lighting while maintaining shade and ventilation, thus minimizing the need for air conditioning and lighting loads. Hot water is generated by on-demand low pressure natural gas heaters. Construction materials are locally sourced, as is construction labor and resort staff.