UC Davis Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA
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Opened in 1961, Freeborn Hall has long served UC Davis and the surrounding community as a student organization space and multi-purpose auditorium for special events, concerts, lectures and presentations, but the auditorium space is currently closed to the public, awaiting structural upgrades and a comprehensive renovation. Lower Freeborn continues to serve as student organization and office space, but its outdated building systems and location limit the visibility and potential of these groups.

BAR prepared the Detailed Project Program for a renovation of this significant campus resource that would: Enhance Freeborn’s functionality as a conference and special events facility; Improve student service and organization spaces in Lower Freeborn; Comply with current codes, accessibility and seismic performance requirements; Replace outdated building systems; Improve the site to support interior functions and integrate the completed project with the adjoining landscape.