SF Mime Troupe Theater

San Francisco, CA
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BAR Architects provided a feasibility study to assist San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT) in determining a plan to renovate and/or add to their facilities, and encourage the transformation of their location into even more of an asset to the community and particularly to the city’s cost challenged and increasingly displaced artists. The study included a needs assessment, program of spaces, and analysis of existing conditions and options for growth.

Although not a historically designated structure, there is a rich history associated with the buildings, particularly the original 1947 structure, that needs to be respected and preserved while providing a new contemporary space that reflects the troupe’s current needs. The study considered a variety of factors including site environmental analysis, transportation and parking, planning and zoning, and incorporated passive energy systems, functional energy independence, and sustainable green practices. The primary building was designed to use less equipment and energy to obtain an affordable, sustainable and durable installation. Building power, heating, cooling, water and use of recycled materials were all factored into the designs.

Design for the SFMT project was phased into four parts to allow development of the project to proceed as funding becomes available. As a result of the feasability study, SFMT has currently received funds from the SF Arts Commission to move forward with the Phase 1 planning and permitting process. Further fundraising efforts are in development to proceed with the renovation and eventual completion of all four phases.