UC Davis Tercero Dining Commons

Davis, CA
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In order to meet the dramatic growth in enrollment at UC Davis, BAR Architects was selected to undertake the renovation and expansion of the Tercero Dining Commons. The goal of the project was to update the current 35,800-gsf facility, that was functional but outdated, into a much larger and more versatile 60,300 gsf dining and student center building.

To upgrade the dining experience, the main dining hall was expanded and converted from a traditional serving model into a marketplace serving model in which themed serving platforms are distributed throughout the hall to create dining neighborhoods. BAR also expanded the dining commons to the south, providing a secondary entrance and creating a new main plaza. The new plaza provides a much-needed formal outdoor gathering space for students.

One of the key challenges in this project was responding to a 1960s modernist building that received a postmodern addition in 1994. To integrate these disparate styles, BAR drew from the more classical proportions of the original building and roof angles that echo the existing building to establish a proportional vocabulary and tie the whole building together. In addition, a wood colonnade, wood trellises and sunscreens were added to respond to environmental concerns and soften the feel of the building.