Saint Mary's College Oliver Hall Dining Facility

Moraga, CA
Project Info Credits

“‘Wow’ was the first word in my mind when I walked into the newly renovated Oliver Hall.” “It’s basically amazing now!”

As recorded in “The Collegian,” students raved when they returned to the newly-renovated and expanded Oliver Hall Dining Facility at Saint Mary’s College. The historic venue has been at the center of student life since it first opened in 1928, but it no longer fulfilled the social needs or catered to the culinary sophistication of today’s students.

BAR Architects designed the improvements to allow continuous food service during the 15-month construction period. Our plans called first for the construction of a new kitchen and Faculty/Staff Dining and Lounge, followed by the conversion of the old Kitchen, with its generous skylights and high ceiling, into a modern, daylighted Servery with multiple food venues and international cuisine. The improved facilities provide healthy foods and menu choices that range from Pad Thai to vegan lasagna to just-out-of-the-oven brownies while supporting the campus’ commitment to sustainable dining. Gardeners use composted food waste to amend the soil of the hillside garden where they grow fresh produce for the salad bar. Students no longer use trays, thereby encouraging right-sized portions, minimizing waste and reducing water consumption.