Preserve 1 Residence

Santa Lucia Preserve, CA
Description Credits/Info

The overall design for this residence derives loosely from the classic California ranch house. The house is conceived of multiple wings assembled as a compound of small, low building forms. The wings are used to provide a courtyard and private landscaped areas alongside the living areas.

The site consists of two structures; the main house and pool house. Each building is programmed within a series of integrated courtyard and terrace spaces to promote strong indoor-outdoor connections and create a natural transition into the grassland surroundings. Interior floor elevations and low sloped roof forms step to follow the natural slope of the site, giving the appearance that the buildings grow naturally out of the surrounding grassland. The buildings are nestled among the existing Oak trees in order to anchor the house and frame views from the home. From any distant point only portions of the building can be seen through the trees. Generous verandahs along the golf course side of the house provide shelter from the southern and western sun exposure and also add substantial shadow relief on the building’s public face.

The chosen material palette is simple and practical, in keeping with the ranch house tradition. The walls are predominantly wood siding. The roofing on all buildings is wood shake. Deep eaves incorporate copper gutters and exposed eave framing. Retaining walls, integrated with the colors of the site, are of stone.