Greenwood Residence

Palo Alto, CA
Description Credits/Info Recognition

Sited on a modest 0.18-acre lot just 50 feet wide, this residence near downtown Palo Alto, CA is designed to maximize available space. After demolishing the existing 1960s home, the remaining mature walnut tree, two maples and rear alley access set parameters for the residence's design. Garden courts work to alternate building massing and reinforce the relationship between indoor and outdoor space. With low, sloped roofs; deep overhangs; and careful composition of glazed and solid surfaces, the home represents mid-century California modern style. As the owners wish to remain in the home for the long term, it is designed to be fully accessible, with a lift for the basement level, fixture and counter clearances, and level patios and walks. The design incorporates passive solar strategies including sun shades and light shelves. Solar collection panels for electricity and hot water are located on the roof.