Levi Strauss & Co. Headquarter Interiors

San Francisco, CA
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San Francisco Levi Strauss & Co. Headquarters wanted to consolidate their 1,300 employee staff into one building to reduce their corporate footprint and update their office interiors. In doing so, BAR was assigned with creating an environmentally efficient, inviting and flexible space that would meet the programming and functional needs of the company and serve as a creative expression of the company, all within a very tight schedule.

The durable and appealing interior design enables maximum exposure to natural light and the outdoors to foster increased worker productivity and employee recruitment and retention. Energy savings, reduction in carbon off gassing, improved indoor air quality, and reduction in energy consumption were provided by replacing existing lighting, power, plumbing and HVAC with energy efficient systems. The renovation has received LEED Gold certification.

Programming, design and construction documents for seven floors of this sustainably designed office improvements totaling over 300,000 gsf were accomplished by the team in six months. Fast-tracked and phased construction enabled an eight week build out of each floor.