City Center Bishop Ranch

San Ramon, CA
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City Center Bishop Ranch is designed to intersect seamlessly with all enjoyments of everyday life and foster vitality in the San Ramon community by providing a valuable civic asset and community-gathering place. The center includes 300,000 square feet of visionary retail, dining and entertainment opportunities.

Based on successful prototypes of public spaces – the Piazza and the street, City Center is comprised of two C-shaped, 3-story structures. The Piazza, named Alexander Square, is bisected by the Avenue with the two halves linked by upper-level pedestrian bridges. Retail spaces and Alexander Square occupy the ground floor along with two access ramps leading to the parking located on the upper levels over the retail – a unique solution for a retail center. At Level 2, retail spaces wrap around Alexander Square and the Avenue, linked by an exterior balcony and include multiple entries from the parking to encourage greater pedestrian circulation. Levels 2 and 3 also include THE LOT, a 10-screen luxury cinema and dining destination, and Equinox San Ramon.

Certified LEED Platinum, the location creates a true downtown for San Ramon and the surrounding community, close to main public transport lines. Bio-retention areas treat all stormwater reducing municipal utilities impacts and aiding aquifer re-charge. Low-water use plants and use of reclaimed water for irrigation reduce water use while sustainable site management practices will improve the health of the site. Incorporating outdoor circulation along with a high performance envelope, highly efficient mechanical and lighting systems and rooftop PV array make City Center approximately 26% more efficient than baseline operations of similar centers.

City Center’s ground level facades are transparent floor-to-ceiling. At the exterior, the upper building floats over the transparent ground level. The corrugated, textured stainless steel cladding is visually dynamic, changing appearance as the light varies over the course of the day and seasons, providing a building character unique to the area. Important for the design and the community, a continuous support rack extends from the cladding, creating the ‘Civic Information Device’, providing a framework for a variety of both cultural and commercial signage and art to celebrate civic events in the area, and community activities at City Center.