South Hayward Transit-Oriented Development

Hayward, CA
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Located in a mixed commercial and residential district slated for significant re-development, this 5-story residential complex will set the design and development precedent for future transit-oriented-development projects in the region. The 4.3-acre development will occupy an infill, brownfield site, providing needed housing near an Alameda County BART station and intermodal bus hub.

The design features classically proportioned elevations, updated for the anticipated young resident market. Urban street edges and an adjacent park (proposed) will be lined with stoops to ground-floor units. Sixty-five percent of the units will enjoy decks or patios, most sized over 100 square feet. Given the easy access to rail and bus transit, parking requirements are very low for a suburban location, averaging only 1.2 spaces per unit. Residents will also benefit from the commercial and residential development proposed at the BART station across the street, further minimizing reliance on the automobile. The development will be designed to meet or exceed LEED Silver standards.