Shirley Chisholm Village Educator Housing

San Francisco, CA
Description Credits/Info Recognition

Helping to alleviate a shortage of affordable housing for educators, the San Francisco Unified School District plans to utilize an existing site in the Sunset District of San Francisco to construct a 100% affordable multifamily housing project. BAR is designing the new 4- and 5-story building, which will include 135 affordable dwelling units in a mixture of studios, 1-, 2- and 3-bedrooms.

Residential amenities include a courtyard, private outdoor areas, fitness room, work space/lounge and learning center/computer lab. The project will also include 48 vehicle parking spaces, two car-share spaces, 111 Class I bicycle parking spaces, and nine Class II bicycle parking spaces.

Located on the current site is a “playland” that has been utilized by the local community for events and as a neighborhood playground. Our site plan provides for the replacement of this public space with a 1,750 sf community room that will be open for neighborhood use, as well as 7,310 sf publicly accessible open space.

To fulfill its mission to provide low cost educator housing and demonstrate stewardship of the environment, the project was conceived as an all-electric building to reduce operational carbon emissions and provide lower utility costs. High efficiency heat pump technology is used for building conditioning and domestic hot water. Electricity is provided by a large on-site PV array. In this design, carbon emissions are projected to be reduced by approximately 30% by using all electric equipment over a code compliant design.