Mountain View Lot 12

Mountain View, CA
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The concept design for Mountain View Lot 12 provides up to 137 affordable dwelling units to the city. The four-story structure over a single basement level maintains a consistent street wall, while being significantly modulated both horizontally and vertically on Bryant Street. The design transitions into multiple wings adjacent to the single family neighborhood to the west. The proposed development will activate the street, improve the public realm, provide much needed affordable housing and introduce a new neighborhood serving and community based retail component at the intersection of Bryant and Mercy Streets.

Walk-up retail and residential stoops enhance a strong pedestrian environment, combined with a well-landscaped setback. The height of the design connects the larger commercial buildings across the street with the smaller scale residential neighborhood to the west. A parklette and three distinct landscaped courtyards provide areas to gather and socialize. A café space with an incubator kitchen at the south-east corner will further help transition the more commercial downtown into the residential neighborhood and will be run by a local nonprofit, adding to the economic diversity of the community.