Kiku Crossing

San Mateo, CA
Description Credits/Info

Re-imagining two city-owned downtown sites, Kiku Crossing has been envisioned to maximize the provision of affordable workforce housing and net new public parking. Situated on two parcels separated by 5th Avenue, the project will provide 164 affordable residential units, 536 public parking spaces, and 164 residential parking spaces.

As one arrives to the 4th Avenue residential building entry from downtown, there is a public plaza to announce the building entry. The design recognizes the commercial district with a modern character, and glazing that reveals the active uses at the ground level. Moving towards the residential neighborhood, the building fronts the neighborhood streets with stoops at ground level and balconies above.

Replacement parking and new parking is provided by a structure on the 5th Avenue site, which will have a distinctive character recognizing its adjacency to the Caltrain tracks. The design solution enhances the connection to the downtown commercial district by providing a public plaza at 5th Avenue, which will contain public art and gathering spaces. A pedestrian bridge spans 5th Avenue, which residents will use to enter their apartment building from the garage. Also included is a 2,000 sf space for various community serving uses.

The project’s design features generous sidewalks with street trees, continues the 5th Avenue pedestrian greenway corridor, creates a landmark corner at 4th Avenue and the railroad, and includes a public plazas that are designed at a scale to create vibrancy, enliven the streets, and bring people together.

Funding Sources: City of San Mateo; County of San Mateo Affordable Housing Funds
Housing Program: State Density Bonus Law, State Assembly Bill 1763