Alma Point Senior Housing

Foster City, CA
Description Credits/Info

Along with designing the master plan for Foster Square, BAR was hired by MidPen Housing Corporation to design an affordable senior living development within the master plan. The 16,450 sf building spans .5 acres and accommodates 66 affordable independent living units for seniors. First floor amenities include a Community Room, Balance Studio, Computer Room, and Landscaped Patio. On the second floor, residents are welcomed to socialize on the podium terrace with a community BBQ.

One of the main goals of this project was situating the affordable senior development in a way that was best served by community amenities. This was accomplished by placing the residential units above over 9,000 sf of neighborhood serving retail and directly connecting the building to the vibrant 22,000 sf town square via a pedestrian friendly central street.

Landscape design along the street reinforces the neighborhoods urban design framework with landscaped paseos, gardens, activity nodes and public gathering spaces. Bollards, street plantings, wide pedestrian walkways and other traffic calming measures are utilized to ensure a safe pedestrian urban environment for our senior residents.

Funding Source: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program