965 Weeks

East Palo Alto, CA
Description Credits/Info

BAR’s design for 965 Weeks seeks to maximize the potential of the site while working in harmony with the existing neighborhood, bringing much needed affordable housing to serve homeless and formerly homeless households in East Palo Alto. Both schemes of affordable apartment homes includes at least 30% Extremely Low Income units and 50% Low Income units.

Partially submerged to reduce the massing of the buildings, the configuration presents as five separate buildings along Weeks Street and reinforces the predominantly single-family residential scale of the area. The plan includes open spaces and community gathering areas that offer residents opportunities to relax and socialize together outside of their apartment – both in green, outdoor areas and in indoor spaces such as a two multi-use community rooms and a technology center with educational and vocational learning suites. Additionally, an at-grade, publicly accessible through-block passage connecting Weeks Street with the UP Spur Trail, along with a small “pocket park” will allow trail users to easily jump off the trail and enjoy the area.