Zengcheng Mixed-Use

Guangzhou, China
Description Credits/Info

Consisting of four distinct districts, this overall mixed-use project site is located approximately 90 km northeast of Guangzhou in southern China. The master plan includes 4,250 residential units, 100,000 sm of retail, a boutique hotel and other building types. All districts are arranged accordingly with the idea of creating a pedestrian-friendly retail main street.

High density residential towers are placed above retail podiums. The majority of the parking is underground, with on-street parking provided along main street. District A will be the gateway of the development, which will have the highest concentration of retail. As a contrast to District A, District B’s focus is to provide an urban street with a sense of compression.

Buildings have been set a minimum distance apart and parking is maximized with diagonal parking. Connections from the residential as well as from the existing office park will be provided to activate the main street. With minimal retail, District C will provide an outdoor/park setting. Mid to high rise buildings are proposed to provide iconic structures into the park landscape and provide project identity for people visiting the neighborhood. District D is mostly residential with some neighborhood serving retail.