Transbay Blocks 6/7

San Francisco, CA
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BAR’s design concept for a mixed-use development at Transbay Blocks 6 & 7 is influenced from the philosophy of developing an urban community by linking the intimate pedestrian feel of the buildings with the urban character of the city.

Block 6 includes both affordable and market-rate housing with a shared open space that connects to both Folsom and Clementina Streets. The lobby for the affordable residential building is at the corner, directly across from the Block 7 lobby. The tall first floor contains the lobby, commons room, retail and several residential units, with five residential floors above. A contemporary treatment in brick at the corner of Folsom and Beale relates to the historic fabric of the neighborhood. Numerous terraces help to activate the neighborhood and provide eyes on the street.

The ground floor of the 30-story market-rate tower along Folsom and Fremont is activated with restaurant and retail spaces that step with the natural grade to enhance accessibility. A gateway from Folsom into a semi-public garden leads to the tower lobby and mid-block court. The ninth floor tower step-back provides space for amenities like a club room, home theater and gym that open onto a roof terrace with a lap pool, BBQ and outdoor fireplace. The 29th floor step back allows for generous private terraces for the penthouse level.

The scale of the tower is divided into several elements to address the different solar orientations and to emphasize a slender, vertical proportion. The northeast façade is glass and spandrel panel to take advantage of the views. In contrast, the southwest and southeast corners have a staggered pattern of south-facing terraces that extend the living spaces to the outdoors and serve as sun shades. The southwest and northwest façades feature large, punched openings that give the building residential scale and minimize westerly sun exposure.