Stanford Shopping Center Renovation & Addition

Palo Alto, CA
Description Credits/Info

The Stanford Shopping Center – a beloved regional urban shopping center – has grown, changed, modified and grown again over its 60+ year history, reflecting the shifting culture of the times. The Simon Property Group hired BAR Architect to holistically modernize the Center while still maintaining and enhancing its essential character and image.

Improving the overall entry sequence, our Phase I design incorporates back lit low signage walls and new monumental canopies. Lush landscaping, shaded walkways and free-flowing linkage between indoor shopping and outdoor living are the defining features of the renovated Center’s friendly, casual, eclectic but elegant style. Using landscape elements to create simple forms, contrasted with soft natural materials throughout, unifies and enhance the Center’s character.

BAR designed four new contemporary retail buildings built at the original Bloomingdale’s site during Phase II. This complex of small retail shops in a modern contemporary style form a new “energetic district”, adding interest and vitality to this urban garden shopping village. A dramatic canopy system invigorates the buildings’ façades at the El Camino entry, and create an exciting gateway to the Center while directing visitors to Portico Way. The creation of an east/west pedestrian street reinforces the small shop scale of the center, and provides another major, entertaining route for shoppers to enjoy.