Southern California Mixed-Use

Southern California
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The master plan for this new community envisions a vibrant, urban mixed-use neighborhood accomplished via phased development. Centrally located adjacent to a river along a Southern California valley floor, the 200-acre site offers prime access to public transportation and is adjacent to a university, regional retail and residential neighborhoods. The river and a light rail line, including a future on-site stop, bisect the site. The existing site also has both a 9- and 18-hole golf course which remains in the master plan. The river provided a key asset which was leveraged to provide unique outdoor dining and living opportunities.

While drawing planning inspiration from the geology of the site’s watershed, BAR simultaneously negotiated local zoning requirements, waterway and floodplain regulations, the light rail tracks and the developer’s desire for a plan which could be developed in several phases. Working with our client, BAR distributed the program components in a manner that allowed for incremental growth through phasing, yet established enough of a retail and residential density at an initial phase to promote the project and help ensure neighborhood success.

Multiple design schemes were pursued with alternate program and phasing approaches. BAR’s expertise in retail, housing and mixed-use development assisted in creating a site plan that works at both large and small scales. The approach focused equally on developing appropriately scaled building massing and more fine-grained components such as sidewalk width along the retail frontage.