Santa Clara University Graham Housing

Santa Clara, CA
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Sited close to the middle of the Santa Clara University campus, the new Graham Residence Hall, opened in 2012, is a center of student activity. It provides 364 new beds for undergraduate students, three large multi-purpose/classrooms, video rooms, seminar/group study rooms, and corner-oriented student lounges. Consisting of four connected buildings surrounding a great landscaped courtyard, Graham Residence Hall is a modern complex designed to aesthetically fit in with the traditional Mediterranean architectural style of the SCU campus.

To add a new twist on dorm living, the student residences have been designed as a pair of generously sized double-occupancy rooms sharing one compartmentalized bathroom. To foster a social community, a lounge is provided for each smaller group of 32 students. Short hallway lengths and extra-large windows increase livability and bring in abundant natural daylight. At ground level, a curved entry façade and porch face the Benson Student Center and the main Library, providing an active and social space for the student residents.