Pebble Beach Residence

Pebble Beach, CA
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Located on a premier site on the 18th fairway of the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Links and only a few hundred feet from the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, this residence takes every advantage of its unique and dramatic location.

The home reflects the owner’s interest for a clean, contemporary residence and is designed to feel like the most luxurious spa in the world. All the primary rooms of the house are arranged along the 18th fairway with views through stone colonnades of the expansive Pacific Ocean – ranging from the northern-most point of Carmel Bay down to Point Lobos.

The house includes large living, dining and kitchen spaces with exterior spaces for entertaining. The primary exterior building materials of cut limestone, titanium and teak are also used throughout the interior of the house to emphasize the connection between the interior living spaces and the exterior resort setting.