One Scottsdale

Description Credits/Info

One Scottsdale will meld luxury retail, fine dining, office and high end residential into a vibrant landmark community. BAR was part of a team of architects involved in the initial master planning charrettes with the final master plan done by Field Paoli. BAR was then invited to move forward as part of a team of architects that included Robert Stern, Will Bruder and others to each design their own blocks within the project. The choice to include various architects helped to assure a truly unique, diversified and authentic neighborhood. Each block was broken into several pieces each with its own architectural character with the intent of creating a place that appears to have evolved over time. Some portions were designed as if an older building had been modified with modern insertions and simpler traditional forms.

The two blocks designed by BAR include highly integrated retail, residential uses with segregated structured parking. One block creates a “wrap” of housing and retail around an efficient 8-level parking garage. The other block includes several levels of below grade parking with retail and housing above. The residential units on both blocks include flats and townhouses designed to cater to an upscale market. Large terraces and overhangs are designed to enhance the unique lifestyle available in the desert climate. Careful review and early integration of building orientation, sun shading, shared mechanical systems and building materials assures this new highly sustainable project will enhance its environment rather than burden it.