Mt. Eden Road Residence

Saratoga, CA
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Working sensitively with the steeply sloping site is a fundamental goal in the design of this residence, allowing it to “appear integrated into the land, as if the house and plot were designed for each other”. The buildings are made up of levels and terraces that step with the grade and follow the site’s natural contours. Low sloped roofs on the main house help to ground the building. Native plantings adjacent to the buildings and the terraces settle them into the landscape. A variety of outdoor rooms are integrated with the buildings and are as important as the inside spaces. They offer varying orientations, views and sun and wind protection at different times of the day, in all seasons. Openings, overhangs, and planted trellises have been carefully placed to take advantage of natural light and ventilation at varying times of the year. South facing roof mounted solar panels will utilize the sun’s energy for hot water heating.

The material palette is traditional, but treated in a simple more modern way. The use of the natural materials on the exterior serves to both relate to the building to site and help blend with the surroundings. The building base, the guesthouse and the site walls are of board formed concrete to emphasize the connection to the earth. The main living wing is clad in tongue and groove board cedar siding washed in a warm gray. The roofs will be of standing seam zinc weathered to a warm gray patina. The eaves feature exposed rafter tails, which, along with the board siding, create texture and shadow. Planted trellises, located along the south and east facades, will create further shade and help nestle the buildings into their surroundings. An infinity pool mirrors the spectacular western views of the coastal mountain ridge.