Mountain Peak Vineyards

Napa, CA
Description Credits/Info

The fundamental goal behind the design of the Mountain Peak Winery is to create balance with the beautiful natural Atlas Peak location, supporting the Napa and California lifestyle. The intent in the design is to maintain the character of the rural valley setting through minimizing the impact of new buildings, while creating a visitor experience that emphasizes and enhances the experience of the site, nature, the vineyards and the architecture.

A unique Chinese garden approach to the outdoor space is used to integrate building and landscape and to achieve the design intent. A natural rock outcropping with mature oaks and an existing two-story home provide a logical choice for the tasting room and offices. The sloping hillside adjacent to the tasting room and offices provide the necessary cover for the fermentation and barrel storage in caves, as well as the most discreet location for the crush pad and working aspects of the winery.

The tasting room is approached through the oak tree garden, providing a sequence of memorable experiences. Upon arrival, the tasting room opens and extends outward into the garden and to distant views of Napa Valley and Mount St. Helena. The offices are similarly tucked beneath the oak trees and enjoy a similar garden approach and outlook to vistas and views.

The low one-story architecture made of simple, solid planes and glassy links in a natural palette of stone, wood, and metals are all in support of the primary design intent of doing nothing to detract from the garden landscape experience and support a painterly approach of the buildings in harmony with the landscape.