Jordan Winery

Healdsburg, CA
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Ascending the vine-covered hill to the gleaming Jordan Winery visitors are transported to the French countryside. Although appearing to have existed for centuries, this 70,000-case production capacity winery and private guest quarters, was designed and constructed and ready for wine production within eight months. Utilizing modern tilt-up construction techniques, the inexpensive shell was transformed into a building more commonly associated with the deliberate, hand-built techniques of Europe. Pre-cast concrete with pre-scored, mortar-filled joints were used to simulate stonework in the cornice, quoins and window surrounds. Traditional materials such as copper gutters, tile roofs and heavy dash stucco complete the effect. Also crucial to the design of the winery was creating a timeless image and brand. To this end, featured on every bottle's label is the emblematic Jordan winery chateau.