Yotel - San Francisco

San Francisco, CA
Description Credits/Info Recognition

At the heart of the San Francisco Mid Market redevelopment area, the historic Grant Building has become a new micro-hotel serving the surrounding vibrant high tech community. The venerable landmark historic high rise was fully rehabilitated, with a new partial story inserted into the ground floor level double height space. Public amenities include co-working business areas, gym, lounge, lobby, ground floor restaurant and retail, plus rooftop bar. Other operational areas are located in the basement such as offices, workshop, laundry room, housekeeping, employee break rooms and others.

As part of the historic rehabilitation of the landmark property, specific existing elements were restored to bring back The Grant Building’s historical glamour such as exterior brick and terra cotta, an existing marble and iron stair, and projecting cornices. The drab modern ground floor storefront has been replaced with historically compatible new materials to emphasize the grandeur of the ground level amenities. The renovation project has been Certified LEED Silver.

In addition to BAR’s role as architect for the building rehabilitation, the team is responsible for the interior design and FF&E for cabins interiors, implementing a variety of ”out-of-the box” solutions, including lofting beds to adapt the operators brand to the unique San Francisco location.