Futures Without Violence

Presidio of San Francisco, CA
Project Info Credits

BAR was selected by Futures Without Violence to rehabilitate the Presidio’s historic Building 100, located on the main parade grounds, as part of a newly revived cultural and commercial node. In addition to the renovation of the current 30,000 gsf U-shaped building, a new contemporary 3,000 gsf building will respectfully infill the existing courtyard.

The new complex will serve as corporate headquarters for Futures Without Violence, which includes an educational exhibition space and a seminar center with teleconference and broadcast capabilities. The relationship of the new addition to the historic structure creates a light-filled garden court to act as a transition from old to new and serves as circulation between levels. BAR has also taken advantage of the narrow wings of the historic building to capture natural light and ventilation.

Redeveloping a brownfield site, utilizing an existing structure, employing an energy-conscious environmental systems design and incorporating recycled materials with minimal or no VOC emissions are ways that BAR has designed this project with a sustainable approach. BAR has created a building that is respectful to its landscape and its occupants, paralleling the client's dedication to ending abuse and their vision for a non-violent world.