38 Dolores

San Francisco, CA
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38 Dolores is a mixed-use project combining quality housing over a neighborhood-serving Whole Foods Market located in San Francisco at the corner of Market and Dolores Streets.

The client's goal for the project was to transform an underutilized urban site into a high-quality, high-density, mixed-use project, creating vibrant retail space and inviting pedestrian gathering spaces while providing a "green" urban living environment that incorporates sustainable design and thoughtfully considered materials and features. An emphasis on verticality and 25-30 foot modules allows the building to continue the residential rhythm of the neighborhood while use of the flat-iron form enhances the corner and highlights the entrance to the surrounding historic neighborhood district.

The quality design incorporates high rise construction quality with environmentally sensitive materials and building techniques. In addition to the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials, sustainable design strategies include green roofs, landscaped podium to reduce heat island effect, cistern and water retention to be used in landscape irrigation. The design of residential  flow-through units incorporates passive ventilation and maximizes solar access for residents. The project is Certified LEED Gold and SITES Pilot 2 Star Certified.

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