Grand View Hotel

Dublin, CA
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The Grand View Master Plan is a product of BAR’s experience in designing some of the most successful urban spaces for people to meet, gather, shop and relax. To serve a fundamental need for people to meet, the new plan reimagines town squares, tree lined streets, courtyards and parks to create a vibrant and authentic community destination.

A boutique hotel on the north side of the main boulevard take advantage of views of the surrounding mountains. The hotel consists of both limited service rooms (160 rooms) and full service rooms (250 rooms).

The concept for the architecture is based on a strong and distinctive California identity; contemporary yet inspired by local forms and precedents. Connections to shaded outdoor spaces and walls that open for indoor-outdoor dining will become a distinctive part of the character, as will outdoor spaces such as trellised gardens, tree covered courtyards, terraces with awnings, and more. The exterior palette of materials, pavings and plantings will serve to reinforce the distinctive local character.